Jen Arricale (“Jen Amore”) , Healthy Living Expert

Jen understands the obstacles and time pressures that can stand in the way of being your best. As a healthy living expert, Jen’s foundation for success focuses on food and fitness. As a 20-year executive in corporate America Jen offers SIMPLE, REAL SOLUTIONS that apply to many aspects of the busy person’s life. A Boston marathon finisher and natural bodybuilding champion at age 50, Jen demonstrates firsthand the results that her approach can have on anyone and at any stage in their life.

Jen is an award-winning author and expert guest featured on television programs, radio talk shows, podcasts, and publications while holding various advisor positions blending her expertise in creating a healthy self in a busy life with creating a healthy business in a changing world. Jen’s message is both inspiring and informative, and audiences rave about the impact that her inspiration and information has had on their lives.

Jen equips her audience with tools, tips, and tactics that turn dreams of a healthy and vibrant life into an ongoing reality. By fueling your success through the power of food and fitness, Jen shows you how to find more energy and greater clarity than you ever thought possible, in addition to feeling great about how you look and feel.

Any challenges Jen has had in life (and she’s had her fair share before starting to live healthy in her mid-40’s) she considers as fuel to make her more well-rounded, informed, connected and relatable to everyone she can reach. She has a way of turning “intention” into “action,” inspiring others to do the same in their own way, leading to a healthy life of food and fitness that’s sustainable in a busy, ever-changing world.

Jen has a way of turning “intention” into “action,” inspiring others to do the same in their own way, leading to a healthy life of food and fitness without giving up their life. Her message and teachings resonate with the everyday person struggling to find the time or energy to take care of themselves. Jen is ready to help you serve your customers by leveraging her meaningful content to differentiate yourself from the competition.
I HIGHLY recommend her for anyone who wants to make their workplace a healthier and happier place. She is a great speaker and kept it very fun and exciting. The best thing about Jen is she is realistic and down to earth. It’s not about being perfect, but continually improving and moving in the right direction.
Bonnie C, Human Resources Director
Jen’s been great at helping us plan and prepare for real life situations. She provides practical solutions and is easy to relate to. Best of all, she’s been there as she’s personally lived it — she knows the daily challenges and shares how she herself overcomes them. I would highly recommend Jen as an expert spokesperson in conjunction with your company’s health and wellness program needs.
Scott C., Partner