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Too Old For Weight Training? Think Again!

Too old to start (or re-start) weight training? Think again – a recent study quoted in the WSJ states “…strength training helps stave off age-related disability, preserve bone mass in women and even boost brainpower.” That’s 3 great reasons to safely take up weight training – start where you are! Here are the study’s top tips:


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Looking for ways to boost your metabolism?

Looking for ways to boost your metabolism? Do it naturally with food – eat frequently, have lean protein at every meal, drink water all day long & avoid sugar. Even busy moms or biz travelers can benefit from this healthy “trick”.


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#1 Beverage: Water!

Cheers to everyone’s #1 beverage – water! A recent survey by Center for Responsible Nutrition shows that “drinking enough water” is the top health & wellness resolution for Americans in 2015, followed by eating healthy/healthier, getting more physically active, getting more sleep & taking vitamins. Drink up! fresh water pouring in a glass

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New Year Planning

Making a clean start for the new year doesn’t have to be difficult – now is a great time to create YOUR strategic plan for the next year. What’s important to remember is to not jump from one extreme to the other, but making one healthy choice at a time and doing the best you can do. A slow transition is more likely to produce a positive long-lasting changes to your health!


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Holiday Workout

Watch how I mix holiday festivities and socializing with a fun workout that keeps my healthy goals on track and doesn’t require any gym time.  Easy to get this type of workout in in any environment, and then meet up afterwards with friends or family at the nearby coffee shop for some fun and socialization. No need to isolate yourself away from all the activity, but also no reason to deprive yourself of what you need to be your best healthiest self.

The stairs at the San Diego convention center are 100 high – running up them, with lunges and high leg raises in between, then running sideways down, and doing this routine again a few more times.  Awesome and fun workout that has the reward of a hot cup of coffee and friends afterwards!


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Between Christmas and New Year Planning

Between Christmas and New Year’s is a great time to create YOUR strategic plan for the next year. Take some time to write down: 1) WHAT you want (goals – work, family, personal, financial, physical), 2) WHY you want it (purpose) and 3) HOW you are going to get it (action items with deadlines). Hold yourself accountable and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish!

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Looking Back at Natural Olympia 2014

Fond memories of talking to all the natural athletes last month at the Natural Olympia – these athletes are all real people with real stories.  Here I am learning what keeps these physically challenged athletes motivated to endure & conquer – “don’t ever quit.” (INBA PNBA)


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Advent Calendar – Day 5

Frog Fuel for everyday. I tuck these in everywhere – car, purse, briefcase, gym bag, backpack, competition day bag… Easy, neat shot of healthy protein and electrolytes. With these on hand I never worry about the unexpected delays between meals.


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Advent Calendar Day 5

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Advent Calendar – Day 4

This is my lifesaver. Being on the go more than standing still, I load this with food for the day on one side, and use the other side for laptop and personal items. Makes a great car or gym tote as well.

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Advent Calendar Day 4

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Advent Calendar – Day 3

Who doesn’t love fresh herbs? But they go bad so quickly. This really works to keep them fresh longer – I have had cilantro last a week in this.

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Advent Calendar Day 3

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