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Advent Calendar – Day 2

Work out anywhere. Love these for versatility in weight and use: around ankles or wrists for walking or at-home exercise for legs, abs, arms. Great for travel or at home gym.


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Advent Calendar Day 2

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Advent Calendar – Day 1

For the month of December I will be sharing a Jen-ified version of the traditional advent calendar – 24 gift ideas to support healthy eating & living. These are all items I use & love. Most are low cost items, with a few “bigger” gifts included that will keep on giving long after the holidays.

This first week offers gifts to keep you feeling & performing at your best, so buy 2: one for your loved one AND one for YOU.


Hydration is the #1 way to stay healthy & alive, so why not spread some peace with others while you deliver peace to your bod? I love this tumbler – holds 24 oz of hot or cold & I haven’t cracked it yet in over 5 years of intense usage.


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Advent Calendar Day 1


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Gluten Free Quinoa Pilaf on Arizona Midday

Arizona Midday had me on the show to demonstrate some of my healthy salad dressings.

The recipe from this video can be found here:

Savory Quinoa Pilaf

Watch me make this healthy alternative to stuffing!

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Healthy Salad Dressings on Arizona Midday

Arizona Midday had me on the show to demonstrate some of my healthy salad dressings.

Recipes from this video are:

Hummus Vinaigrette

Spicy Salsa Dressing

Watch me make these two healthy choices!



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Holiday Red/Green Drink List

‘Tis the season of parties which begins this weekend for many of us.  If you choose to drink, be responsible and yes, you can STILL make healthy choices even with cocktails.  Here are some tips on keeping the damage to a minimum.

RedGreenListSummerCocktails 11_07_14



Here are a few example of drinks that are typically use ingredients from the Green List:

Skinny Margarita, Skinny Cosmo, Tom Collins Light, White Wine Spritzer, Vodka Soda Water with Lime

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Putting on Size

I was asked what foods someone should eat if they are working out but trying to put on weight at the same time.  Read my answer here and let me know what you think.

11-13 Putting on Size


I recently started to work out again after a hiatus of about 5 years. My biggest problem I am seeing since I started is my nutrition. I am a 130 lb male and I realize I am underweight.

My question is this: what are the essential nutrients that I should be eating everyday? And also, what is the recommended way to GAIN weight? I find this answer is hard to find because there is so much out there about losing weight, but not much for us who struggle eating.


First of all, congratulations on taking your health back into your own hands by working out again! I wish there was a quick answer to give you, but because we are all unique individuals with different needs, reactions and activity levels, there is no simple answer I can give you today.

However, what I can tell you in general is that to gain healthy weight, you must be patient and […]

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Veterans’ Day 2014

So grateful for all the men and women who have served our country, including my brother, father and numerous friends. And also honoring the families who have also made personal sacrifices so their loved ones could serve our country.


11-11 Veterans Day FINAL

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Benefits of Pumpkin


pumpkin picture FINAL

Bring that pumpkin off the porch & into your kitchen. If Cinderella had turned into this gourd, she would have loved the health benefits like fewer wrinkles & weight loss. Read about the health benefits of pumpkin here:

Pumpkins are high in fiber & low in calories which make them perfect for healthy weight loss. They also have more potassium than a banana, which makes for a great post-workout electrolyte replacement. Loaded with Vitamins C & A (vision health), pumpkins also are chock full of carotenoids (super fighter of diseases & cause of orange color) – namely beta carotene which fights cancer & skin wrinkles.


So eat up year round – try some of my healthy pumpkin recipes to get started:

Power Pumpkin Bites

Pumpkin Power Cakes

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies


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PM Workout: How to Pre-fuel

PM Workout Question


During a recent Q&A session on Reddit, I was asked what kind of meal one should eat before a PM workout:

I work 8-6 and go straight to the gym until about 9pm. What could I do meal-wise to get the best out of my workouts without starving myself until I get home then go crazy eating right before bed?

My first bit of advice for a good workout is to not be at the gym for more than 60-90 minutes at a clip. Given your work schedule, I think you would be able to fit a healthy meal in before you start working out. My preferred meal before lifting is a lean protein with a complex carbohydrate an hour before the work out. If you don’t have time for that, a backup plan is to have a protein shake with some natural carbohydrate powder added.

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Power of Food

The power of food is undeniable – the only question is if it is going to work for or against you. And that is determined by your choices and desire to listen to your body. You can do it!


Jen at Gym FINAL

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