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How to Eat & Treat Yourself Post Competition

What does your post-competition plan look like?  If you are like most, you don’t have an actual plan, and may find yourself wondering how to get back to “normal” without sacrificing all the healthy gains you have made leading up to the big event.  Contact Jen to present at your next athletic event as a meaningful way to show your athletes just how much you care about their lifestyle wellbeing after they step off the stage.  Here’s what people are saying:

Jen Arricale’s presentation is the most valuable information I have ever heard with regard to how to successfully decompress after a fitness competition.

Her delivery is transparent because as a pro competitor herself she is well aware of the highs and lows one faces when transitioning into normalcy while trying to maintain all the physical gains.

I particularly benefited from the “do list” and the “don’t list” she shared and am ready to compete again knowing that I now have the tools to remain steadfast on the journey to fitness and wellness.

Vickie Francovich

athlete presentation cover

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9Round Fitness

A class for non-class people – that’s me!


I’ve never been a person for fitness classes because my schedule never seems to match up with the ones I do want to take, or you have to get there so early to ensure you get a piece of equipment.  So I absolutely fell in love with this concept at 9Round where… I can show up anytime and basically have an incredibly active class that is always changing and only lasts 30 minutes. It’s basically a plug-and-play model which I absolutely love because I have someone showing me what to do, making sure I’m doing it right, playing awesome music, encouraging me all along the way, and there’s often other people there which kind of gives it a little fun competitiveness. I love this for cross training with my physique training. It’s a great mixup in the cardio/shock your body world for those of us who do a lot of the same things all the time in our fitness routine. Easy, great, fun way to keep your body guessing, keep it growing, keep it shredding. I’m in for more this fun stuff!  Thanks […]

Infinite Wellness Functionality Testing – Part II: The Tests Say WHAT??

Last week in “Part I:  The Set Up”, I shared my first experience with a chiropractor, and that it had nothing to do with a bad back or whiplash. Rather, it involved a series of tests that were supposed to measure how well my body is working – if anything was working less than perfect and slowing down my progress to a fit body and mind…I wanted to know that! These tests were to measure how my body handles stress, how efficiently energy (and information) is traveling throughout, and if my organs are functioning at full capacity.  While I found this intriguing, I also found it hard to believe, and let me remind you that I went into this expecting to call her bluff because I knew I was very healthy based on recent medical tests by other doctors.  I was skeptical that this “testing” was nothing more than a marketing ploy to convince me I needed therapy on things that didn’t really exist (or had no way of really knowing if they existed or not.)  So let’s see what the results say…..

After presenting and explaining the results to […]

Shining The Spotlight On SoapBox Soaps

SoapBox Soaps

I love helping young entrepreneurs get healthy in their body, mind and business. After mentoring David on biz strategies, I couldn’t help but fall in love with his product (they smell DIVINE!) and how he has found a way to truly make a difference in the world. One clean water source and bath at a time. Great example of how our individual efforts DO make a difference!

Isn’t this just another brand of soap?

Not really. SoapBox’s mission is to empower customers with the ability to make the world a better place through ever day, quality purchases. We started with donating a bar soap every time someone bought a SoapBox bar because something a simple as soap can really make a world of difference. More than 3,000 children’s (under the age of 5) lives could be saved every day through something as simple washing your hands with clean water and soap. Now we have all-natural liquid hand soap that donates a month of clean water development through our charity partner, RainCatcher, for every bottle purchased. We also have all-natural body wash that donates a year of vitamin supplements to children […]

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SMILE! An Interview With Tracy Brigden, DDS

DDS Tracy BrigdenSMILE! It’s easy to do when you are taking good care of yourself, and that includes your teeth. Meet Tracy Brigden, DDS, my happy and healthy dentist, and find out how he stays in shape and some facts about food and your teeth.

You have such a busy office schedule, how do you stay in shape?

I love to work out 4-5 days a week, I love playing with my son, walking my dog, golf and soccer even though I had to retire from that last year due to torn Achilles. I am just starting to try to get back into tennis…..slowly!

What is your favorite thing about being a dentist?

My greatest accomplishment is helping people keep their oral health optimal. As we age we need to keep our nutrition up, but many times as people loose teeth their ability to eat healthy foods diminishes. Cosmetic dentistry is my other passion as changing someone’s smile can be a truly life changing event.

What is one of the coolest things you are doing as a dentist?

I have recently studied at great length, snoring & sleep apnea and its implications in everyday […]

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hipS-sisterI was recently asked to try out a “hipS-sister” – a very easy and stylish way to stash your stuff hands-free even when your outfit lacks pockets. Genius, I thought! I wore it to the gym, on a bike ride, to the grocery store and through the airport – I loved it so much that I couldn’t wait to tell all my fans and friends so they can enjoy this sporty freedom as well! But what got my attention even more than this awesome solution was the inspiring story of a dreamer that is determined to make a meaningful difference to her kids and the world. This journey is more about the inspiration to live the dream than the product. Meet Sonia Kanner, founder of hipS-sister.

What is a “hipS-sister”?
A band of stylish fabric with pockets worn around the waist allowing you to be hands (and purse) free while you have your essentials close to you.

What made you do this?
I felt there was a need in the marketplace. Every time I would go walking with my friends, we were holding our phones, hiding our keys somewhere (or […]

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Craving Phoenix

I recently met Janine Hill and Monette Coloma, the founders of Craving Phoenix, and loved their passion for tying the social and healthy aspects of food together. To support their mission, I provided a homemade pizza lesson at one of their recent events – what a fun group!

Craving Phoenix - Jen Arricale

What is Craving Phoenix? A meet up group and website focused on bringing people together to enjoy cooking, fine wine, and socializing.

What makes it different from the other foodie groups? Craving Phoenix seeks to highlight where locally produced products can be incorporated in everyday cooking. The social meetings include dining out adventures, tours of local farms, cooking classes, and other events with culinary themes to inspire people to connect, support our local community, and share on many different levels.

Jen Arricale Pizza Cooking ClassTell us about one of your recent events.Celebrity Fitness chef Jen Arricale performed a healthy pizza cooking class! It was interactive, fun, delicious and so informative. I was very impressed with Jen’s energy and ability to interact so well with the group. She is extremely knowledgeable […]

Healthy Lunch N’ Learns

Healthy Lunch N' LearnWe have been so fortunate to have Jen Arricale, Celebrity Fitness Chef, speak at two recent lunch and learns at Complete Nutrition’s home office. As we are in the health and fitness industry you would think we would all know it all, but like the majority of adults in the U.S., many of us in the home office face the same challenges that everyone else does regarding healthy eating and living.

We have expert consultants in our stores and premium products to help us achieve our goals, but not all in the office are as well versed as our store consultants. Jen provides the perfect medium. She’s been great at providing tips and ideas to help us plan and prepare for real life situations and provides easy to implement solutions. Best of all, she’s been there as she’s personally lived it — she knows the daily challenges and shares how she herself overcomes them. She’s easy to relate to and provides the motivation to step it up. I would highly recommend Jen Arricale as an expert spokesperson to address your employees in […]

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Jen Arricale Hello Beautiful Interview

I’m a contributor to the most recent issue of Hello Beautiful Magazine!

Here is my interview:

Jen Arricale Hello Beautiful InterviewAbout Hello Beautiful Magazine
We are a revolutionary new live, digital magazine found in the Apple’s Newsstand in the app store for your iPad. Hello Beautiful is the hub of inspiration you need on your journey to self-love. It is filled with raw stories, real advice, and divine truths… from YOU.

It is our mission to help move YOU into real beauty. Because it is there that is a gateway to your truth, your light, and your amazing, miracle-filled life.

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Jen Arricale On NBC Arizona’s Midday

What can I do in one pan that doesn’t come out of a box? You can still cook healthy in one pan. Today we’re making stir fry chicken with quinoa. The featured vegetable is bok choy. Enjoy.

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