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Holiday Workout

Watch how I mix holiday festivities and socializing with a fun workout that keeps my healthy goals on track and doesn’t require any gym time.  Easy to get this type of workout in in any environment, and then meet up afterwards with friends or family at the nearby coffee shop for some fun and socialization. No need to isolate yourself away from all the activity, but also no reason to deprive yourself of what you need to be your best healthiest self.

The stairs at the San Diego convention center are 100 high – running up them, with lunges and high leg raises in between, then running sideways down, and doing this routine again a few more times.  Awesome and fun workout that has the reward of a hot cup of coffee and friends afterwards!


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Power of Food

The power of food is undeniable – the only question is if it is going to work for or against you. And that is determined by your choices and desire to listen to your body. You can do it!


Jen at Gym FINAL

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Favorite Running Products

Love to run but hate the foot issues? After a few marathons I figured out what I needed to make my feet smile, so if you are looking for some ideas, try these foot favs of mine:

  1. Body Glide prevents blisters & chafing.
  2. Gold Bond Menthol gives an invigorating lift to hot feet.
  3. Lysol Disinfectant Spray works wonders in post-run shoes to keep the closet from smelling like a sweaty shoe factory.


Favorite Running Products

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Staying Hydrated In Hot Weather

Going for a long run or hike in the heat but not looking forward to drinking warm water by the end?  Marathon training in Arizona forced me to come up with some creative ways to put the miles in despite the heat, and part of that was keeping things cool enough to be refreshing.  My solution:  a fuel belt with 4 separate mini-bottles.  The night before, I fill 2 with water, 2 with electrolyte drink, and freeze 1 of each liquid.  So during my long run the next day I drink the 4 bottles in the following order:

1) refrigerated water

2) refrigerated electrolyte

3) frozen electrolyte (which has by this time melted and is nice cold liquid!)

4) frozen water (also melted but still very cool).

A little preparation provided some refreshing moments to those long, hot runs.  Enjoy!



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Real Food for Real Results

Real food for Real results

Eat real food for real results. This applies to whatever your goals are, no matter where you are in your journey: health, weight loss, muscle gain, competition prep, drug-free energy, better sleep, or general all-around well-being.

I teach how to prepare and enjoy healthy food to people who don’t even think they care about being healthy – because it just tastes better when it’s real food! The proof is in what people are saying after they’ve eaten clean for a couple weeks or so. The best part is they then want to learn more, and they want to share it with all their friends and family. I love being able to provide free information that is not biased towards any one goal to anyone who wants to learn how to eat and live more healthfully but in a “normal” life. Please share my website and Facebook with those you care about, and thank YOU for sharing your questions and challenges with me.

Red & Green List for Post-Contest Plan

Here is my list of do’s and don’ts for the days and weeks following a natural bodybuilding competition.  Many of these tips apply to any big athletic event – the key is to plan and prepare for a gradual transition back to normalcy.

Green Red List for Post Contest Plan

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Team Tuesday Q & A Bodybuilding, Bikini and In Between


Q: I am entering my very first fitness contest. Bikini category. I have 6 weeks left and my body suddenly stop responding. I need to start shedding fat Any suggestions in terms of diet or exercise? I’m on 130 gm of protein. 130 of carbs and 30 of fat. Any input is appreciated!

Jen’s A: Congrats, how exciting! Have you been working with a trainer or coach?  If so, they should be the one to guide you on diet tweaks as there are soooo many variables that come into play.  No quick answer without someone knowing what you have been doing and how your body reacts etc.  But in general, I would tell you that fat loves stress, so the worst thing you can do is get upset over a plateau.  Keep switching things up,. butdefinitely talk to your trainer for specifics that are consistent with the program/philosophy you have been following so far. Feel good about what you are accomplishing, give yourself grace to take a few wrong turns because that’s where we find the greatest lessons sometimes!

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What My Contest Day Food Shopping Trip Looks Like

What does this PNBA Pro Physique competitor put in her shopping cart for contest day food? Hint: all purchased in the natural food aisle!

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9Round Fitness

A class for non-class people – that’s me!


I’ve never been a person for fitness classes because my schedule never seems to match up with the ones I do want to take, or you have to get there so early to ensure you get a piece of equipment.  So I absolutely fell in love with this concept at 9Round where… I can show up anytime and basically have an incredibly active class that is always changing and only lasts 30 minutes. It’s basically a plug-and-play model which I absolutely love because I have someone showing me what to do, making sure I’m doing it right, playing awesome music, encouraging me all along the way, and there’s often other people there which kind of gives it a little fun competitiveness. I love this for cross training with my physique training. It’s a great mixup in the cardio/shock your body world for those of us who do a lot of the same things all the time in our fitness routine. Easy, great, fun way to keep your body guessing, keep it growing, keep it shredding. I’m in for more this fun stuff!  Thanks […]

How much cardio should I be doing a day/week?


That really depends on your individual goals and current condition.  In general, people do more cardio (or the wrong type) than they need.  Typically it’s best to lay off the cardio while you’re trying to build muscle.  Besides, once you have more muscle you’re actually burning more fat than before. And doing cardio can actually counteract your lifting efforts.  What’s more important than the actual amount of cardio is when and what you do. If the goal of cardio is to burn fat but preserve muscle, you’re best off doing short burst of cardio. That means 20-30 minutes after you lift is ideal for fat burning cardio. And that cardio should be HIIT not steady-state.  The reason for this is to minimize raising cortisol and maximize raising human growth hormone – both great for burning fat and preserving lean muscle.

If you don’t have time for cardio after you lift, you could still do the interval cardio for 20 minutes instead of steady-state for a longer period on your “cardio day” . Intervals can include bursts of speed, incline or both. Have fun with mixing it […]

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