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Looking for ways to boost your metabolism?

Looking for ways to boost your metabolism? Do it naturally with food – eat frequently, have lean protein at every meal, drink water all day long & avoid sugar. Even busy moms or biz travelers can benefit from this healthy “trick”.


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All You Need to Know About Clean Eating

If you are like many, you want to “eat clean” but may not think it’s practical in your budget and/or lifestyle.  Or you may get discouraged by all the complex and confusing terms out there like “clean”, “natural”, “GMO”, “organic”, “processed” just to name a few.  Here’s a few tips to master the basics and do the best with what you have to work with


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See below for more information.

All You Need to Know About Clean Eating

  1. Eating clean is subjective. There are many definitions and degrees, but most involve a diet consisting of whole foods prepared in healthful ways with minimal artificial ingredients.  The literal definition requires one to hunt and gather all their food, think caveman.  A more practical definition for someone who doesn’t live on a farm is to eat and make things from scratch most of time and other times to choose items that have only ingredients you understand and can buy in the store yourself.
  2. Clean can come from a box. It is possible to eat clean even with pre-packaged foods – but diligence is critical in reading and understanding the label.  […]
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Healthy RV Cooking #1

Eating healthy during an RV trip can be challenging, but not if you Jen-ify It! Watch this short video to see what culinary delight I made from these simple easy ingredients.



RV cooking FINAL


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The Benefits of Olives

These little gems go into making my favorite healthy fat – olive oil. Olives, actually a fruit, are high in healthy fats & antioxidants, low in calories, carbs & sodium. These olives were enjoyed before they had a chance to be pressed – one of the many local treasures I discovered during a past trip to Monterosso, Italy.

8-20 Jar of Olives

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Radishes Add Zest and Beauty

Love these guys. Radishes are so misunderstood! Not meant to be eaten in bulk but rather sliced thin to add zest & beauty to any salad. Great source of vitamins & minerals, and a little bit goes a long way. Who likes radishes?


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No-Bake Coco-Nutty Protein Bars

These no-bake protein bars were a hit with the viewers of Arizona Midday – get the recipe here. Share this recipe for a decadent trifecta of healthy protein/fat/carb with your friends – just make sure they save one for you. :)

Recipe here:

No Bake Coco Nutty Protein Bars w Title

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Guilt-Free Fries

Can French fries be good for you?  YES – if YOU make them they sure can be – watch how I made these guilt-free fries on Arizona Midday – share with your fellow fry lovers!

Watch Jen on Arizona Midday here:

8-9 French Fries FINAL

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Delicious Dippers

Looking for a dip-worthy alternative to chips or pita bread?  Try slices of cucumber, carrots or bell pepper.  These all taste great with guacamole, salsa, hummus & bean dip.  What else do you use for non-processed dippers?

8-6 Sliced Veggies FINAL


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Spontaneous Snacking

Spontaneous snacking: the art of throwing together a healthy snack based on food you have on hand. Loving this creation, celery sticks filled with hummus and then topped with ground turkey that I had leftover from yesterday’s dinner.

This one’s going in my next cookbook as an appetizer! Please share with those who would love a healthy snack full of clean protein and fiber.

Spontaneous Snacking

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Lemons of Monterosso

When life gives you lemons – enjoy them!  These are the famed lemons of Monterosso, Italy, from which limoncello is made. We can enjoy fresh lemons in the US right now for all sorts of healthy things – fish, salad, water, hummus.  What else do you enjoy lemons with?

Lemons of Monterosso

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