Healthy Weight Loss

Power of Food

The power of food is undeniable – the only question is if it is going to work for or against you. And that is determined by your choices and desire to listen to your body. You can do it!


Jen at Gym FINAL

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No-Bake Coco-Nutty Protein Bars

These no-bake protein bars were a hit with the viewers of Arizona Midday – get the recipe here. Share this recipe for a decadent trifecta of healthy protein/fat/carb with your friends – just make sure they save one for you. :)

Recipe here:

No Bake Coco Nutty Protein Bars w Title

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Guilt-Free Fries

Can French fries be good for you?  YES – if YOU make them they sure can be – watch how I made these guilt-free fries on Arizona Midday – share with your fellow fry lovers!

Watch Jen on Arizona Midday here:

8-9 French Fries FINAL

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Good and Bad Fats – Easy Way to Remember

 Jen Arricale

I like to come up with easy ways to remember what’s what in the food world, especially since food seems to be in the headlines more and more these days.  Healthy fats sounds like something that should be easy to understand, but not when there are so many different terms used to talk about this vital nutrient, and even more confusing when we read conflicting reports.  So here is how I remember what is healthy and not so healthy when talking about fats:

  • We absolutely need healthy fats to survive – growth, energy, mood and recovery all depend on sufficient good fat in our bodies.

  • All fats are high calorie foods, and should be eaten in healthful moderation.  Good news is a little bit goes a long way with this nutrient-dense food.

  • There are good fats and bad fats, and within each group, some are better and worse than others.

  • You’re going to love the way I remember the 4 types of fats, ready?  Good fats include mono and polyunsatured (“Mom and Pop”), bad fats include saturated and transfats (“Saturated in grease at Transylvania”)  Now if that doesn’t paint a clear picture of healthy, […]

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Vegetarian Or Flexitarian – Make It Easy On Yourself And Those Around You

By Jen Arricale, Celebrity Fitness Chef


Are you thinking about becoming a vegetarian, or maybe just want to try it out part-time? If so, ask yourself why. Are you trying to be healthier? If you are, I suggest there is no real reason to completely eliminate meat or fish from your diet – just make healthier choices.


If your motive is to eat more vegetables and nonmeat products, I would suggest you could also accomplish this with a balanced diet including meat and fish – just be more conscious in making vegetables and grains the main part of the meal instead of a small side dish.


Is your decision for medical reasons? Again, determine if you need to completely exclude all fish and meat, or if you just need to choose lean, healthy preparations while also increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables.


So after you ask yourself why you are interested in becoming vegetarian, then ask yourself if you could simply incorporate more vegetarian-based recipes into a regular diet that includes animal protein. If so, perhaps you can become a “flexitarian” – taking a day or two […]

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Infinite Wellness Functionality Testing – Part II: The Tests Say WHAT??

Last week in “Part I:  The Set Up”, I shared my first experience with a chiropractor, and that it had nothing to do with a bad back or whiplash. Rather, it involved a series of tests that were supposed to measure how well my body is working – if anything was working less than perfect and slowing down my progress to a fit body and mind…I wanted to know that! These tests were to measure how my body handles stress, how efficiently energy (and information) is traveling throughout, and if my organs are functioning at full capacity.  While I found this intriguing, I also found it hard to believe, and let me remind you that I went into this expecting to call her bluff because I knew I was very healthy based on recent medical tests by other doctors.  I was skeptical that this “testing” was nothing more than a marketing ploy to convince me I needed therapy on things that didn’t really exist (or had no way of really knowing if they existed or not.)  So let’s see what the results say…..

After presenting and explaining the results to […]

Jen’s #1 Exercise Plan for the New Year-Video 1/5

I recently appeared on where I demonstrated several different at-home workouts. Tune in to KAZT-TV Channel 7 every Saturday at 11am to watch, but here is the first tip I did for you to get started with! Check back for the entire video series.


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Are Cleanses Really Good for Me?

By Jen Arricale


Cleanse, detox, juice fast, herbal cleanse…..different terms for the same concept of giving our bodies a well-deserved “nutritional retreat”, if you will, from the hard work that we force on it day in and day out.  One of my top 5 tips for eating healthy is “variety”, and this falls right in line with that principle. Every once in a while it is a good idea to mix things up to get better results from your efforts – that includes introducing new healthy foods into your diet AND taking a break from anything unhealthy, unnatural or stressful on our metabolism and digestion.   The way I think about it, is just like lifting weights or training for a marathon; everyone – regardless of how advanced they are – needs a day off for the body to recover, grow and be even more effective.  Our nutrition is no different!

There are many products claiming to do all sorts of miracle cleanses, some good, some not safe at all.  Even though there are some very safe programs with great health benefits, none of them are miracle products.  It really comes down to eating as clean as you can to […]

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What does “eating clean” mean?

I think of it as eating non-processed, chemical-free, natural ingredients. Starting with whole food, clean eating incorporates healthy preparation methods and spices, single ingredient items for sauces, such as olive oil, balsamic or apple cider vinegar, and agave. A clean diet can also incorporate other natural products, like no salt seasoning blend, mustard and tomato sauce. Eating clean results in eating healthy, but it does indeed require a high level of discipline and planning.


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Delay the reward

Tip of the week: Delay the reward.

As cool temps and holidays approach, many health and exercise routines start to fall prey to the “Excuse Caboose”. What starts as one cheat or tired feeling gains momentum as we add on other reasons and other days we “don’t have time for the gym” or “will indulge just today”. Next thing you know, we are off the rails! I have one simple tip that always helps me come out on top during these self-debates: Delay the reward. For the gym, I tell myself to just get here and give myself permission to leave when I need to or do whatever level of intensity I can manage. I am always amazed how much I get accomplished by just showing up! For food temptations, I allow myself to indulge….AFTER I have eaten all my normal healthy food first. If I do still feel the urge, it’s a much smaller one with less collateral damage.


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