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Top 10 Reasons Healthy Food is the Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day

Preparing and enjoying healthy food is my way of loving someone from the inside out. – including ourselves! Whether eating alone or with friends and family, I believe healthy food, made from our home and hands, is perhaps the most intimate gift we can give.



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Jen’s Top 10 Food Staples To Have On Hand




1) Eggs – purest whole food source of protein.
2) Fresh spinach – chock full of vitamins and nutrients, plus rebuilds muscle–think Popeye!
3) Raw almonds, pecans, walnuts – healthy, crunchy source of Omega’s
(the healthy fat that helps burn bad fat away) and protein.
4) Almond butter – healthy and delicious source of fat and protein.
5) Sweet Potato – secret weapon against carb cravings with loads of vitamins and minerals to boot!
6) Oats – satisfying and healthy carb delivering fiber which is vital to healthy weight loss and muscle repair.
almond-butter7) Apple cider vinegar – helps metabolize fat, keep skin and organs clear and has a magical effect on
anything you marinade in it.
8) Olive oil – queen of the healthy fats! Vital to weight loss, energy and brain functions.
9) No-salt organic seasoning – easy, delicious way to transform bland food into grand food.
10) Garlic, black pepper, crushed red pepper – my favorite seasonings that just so happen to be good for you too!

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Jen’s Top 10 Veggies And Fruits To Have On Hand

I love all veggies and fruits, but I do have my top 10 that I couldn’t live without! Here are my Top 10 Veggies and Fruits to have on hand…

Top 10 Veggies and Fruits



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Jen’s Top 10 Marathon Tips

Whether you just ran the NYC Marathon or just beginning to train for the Boston Marathon or local one, I have the tips to help you prepare and keep you in prime shape.

Jen's Top 10 Marathon Tips

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