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What My Contest Day Food Shopping Trip Looks Like

What does this PNBA Pro Physique competitor put in her shopping cart for contest day food? Hint: all purchased in the natural food aisle!

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9Round Fitness

A class for non-class people – that’s me!


I’ve never been a person for fitness classes because my schedule never seems to match up with the ones I do want to take, or you have to get there so early to ensure you get a piece of equipment.  So I absolutely fell in love with this concept at 9Round where… I can show up anytime and basically have an incredibly active class that is always changing and only lasts 30 minutes. It’s basically a plug-and-play model which I absolutely love because I have someone showing me what to do, making sure I’m doing it right, playing awesome music, encouraging me all along the way, and there’s often other people there which kind of gives it a little fun competitiveness. I love this for cross training with my physique training. It’s a great mixup in the cardio/shock your body world for those of us who do a lot of the same things all the time in our fitness routine. Easy, great, fun way to keep your body guessing, keep it growing, keep it shredding. I’m in for more this fun stuff!  Thanks […]

How much cardio should I be doing a day/week?


That really depends on your individual goals and current condition.  In general, people do more cardio (or the wrong type) than they need.  Typically it’s best to lay off the cardio while you’re trying to build muscle.  Besides, once you have more muscle you’re actually burning more fat than before. And doing cardio can actually counteract your lifting efforts.  What’s more important than the actual amount of cardio is when and what you do. If the goal of cardio is to burn fat but preserve muscle, you’re best off doing short burst of cardio. That means 20-30 minutes after you lift is ideal for fat burning cardio. And that cardio should be HIIT not steady-state.  The reason for this is to minimize raising cortisol and maximize raising human growth hormone – both great for burning fat and preserving lean muscle.

If you don’t have time for cardio after you lift, you could still do the interval cardio for 20 minutes instead of steady-state for a longer period on your “cardio day” . Intervals can include bursts of speed, incline or both. Have fun with mixing it […]

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Jen’s Gym Bag Exposed

I’m always talking about how preparation is probably the most important thing you can do for your healthy goals and journey. Well, going to the gym is no different. Even though you may be going to the gym and fully intend to do a certain workout on certain machines and get right home afterward, things happen that you don’t expect.


In order to be prepared, I carry this bag around with me when I go to the gym even when I think it’s going to be a quick, straightforward workout. I don’t ever want to get caught off guard and have a poor workout or not recover correctly after a workout because I wasn’t well prepared. So…let’s take a look and see what’s in this gym bag to help me stay prepared.


  1. Cooler bag.  First of all, my gym bag has a cooler bag inside of it. That’s something that I’ve been doing for a couple of years now and I love it because I can put all of my liquids and foods in here and not worry about it spilling into the rest of my gym bag. That’s pretty cool!


Infinite Wellness Functionality Testing – Part I

If there was a test to show you what is getting in the way of reaching your fitness and health goals, would you take it, and would you believe it?

Part I:  The Set Up

I love learning about how I can be the healthiest happiest version of ME possible.  This quest never ends, and that doesn’t depress me, in fact, it excites me that just when I think I am approaching one finish line…..I find a whole new course lies ahead of me with new challenges and rules. How can I be my best??

Well sometimes even though we are doing all the right things, we just can’t seem to get the results we are hoping for.  Or maybe we wonder just how much we are benefiting from all the hard work and discipline involved in a healthy lifestyle.  These are two questions I often ask myself, so when Dr. Stacia Kampschneider told me about “stress and functionality” testing that addressed these very two things, I was intrigued but skeptical.

I have never been to a chiropractor before and thought, OK, so if I take the tests, I am guessing the results will indicate all sorts of problems […]

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Green Living Magazine Interview: Maximizing Your Muscle

If you’re committed to getting in shape, then this exclusive interview fitness chef Jen Arricale did with Green Living Magazine is a must read.

In this interview, Jen talks about how to maximize your muscle. The interview is broken down into five categories:

  • Before you Begin
  • During Your Workout
  • After Your Workout
  • Resting Your Muscles
  • Other important tips

Read the full article and interview here.

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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Personal Training

This is a guest post from personal trainer Christie Toland on how to make the most out of your personal training.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Personal TrainingAs a personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness a top of the line fitness facility, I have the blessing to be able to touch people’s lives in a very unique way. I help them achieve their fitness aspirations that they have always wanted or can’t do on their own. Since your time with your personal trainer is limited, being prepared on your part and doing your “homework” is how you will achieve the best results possible. Your results ultimately come down to how bad you want to change or accomplish your specific goals. You are in control and that is the beauty of it!

Tips on how to make the most out of your personal training experiences:

1) Make the decision to change.
You obviously want it so let nothing stop you!
How bad do you want to run that marathon, do that figure show, tone up, play ball with your kids, sleep better at night, alleviate those painful joints, or […]

Womens Physique Competition Training Week 6

Celebrity Fitness Chef Jen Arricale discusses her fitness journey to get ready for the Natural Physique Show ABA/INBA on May 25th in Surprise, Arizona.

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Training For Women’s Physique Competition – Week 5

In this video, I discuss week 5 of a 12 week natural and safe training process I’m doing to prepare for the The Women’s Physique competition on May 25, for the Arizona Naturals Show ABA /INBA.

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How To Prepare For Your First Figure Competition

Video Mailbag: Preparing For Your First Figure Competition

Today’s video mailbag question comes from Mary, who is thinking about doing her very first figure competition. Mary says that this is something she really wants to do, and it’s on her bucket list. But, she feels like she has a long way to go, and is wondering if it’s a realistic goal.

Well Mary, I say that the fact that you feel you have a long way to go, is exactly the right time to start and do it. Here’s why.

First figure competition video transcription:

Anything that’s done safely is going to take longer than the shortcuts that are out there. This is no different. I would recommend a six month training period for someone doing their first competition. The main reason is to do this slowly, methodically and safely.

I’ve got two major tips for you in starting out in the contest world. The single most important thing you’ve got to have is a good trainer. Here’s a blog post on how to pick a personal trainer that’s […]