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Real Food for Real Results

Real food for Real results

Eat real food for real results. This applies to whatever your goals are, no matter where you are in your journey: health, weight loss, muscle gain, competition prep, drug-free energy, better sleep, or general all-around well-being.

I teach how to prepare and enjoy healthy food to people who don’t even think they care about being healthy – because it just tastes better when it’s real food! The proof is in what people are saying after they’ve eaten clean for a couple weeks or so. The best part is they then want to learn more, and they want to share it with all their friends and family. I love being able to provide free information that is not biased towards any one goal to anyone who wants to learn how to eat and live more healthfully but in a “normal” life. Please share my website and Facebook with those you care about, and thank YOU for sharing your questions and challenges with me.

Team Tuesday Q & A Bodybuilding, Bikini and In Between


Q: I am entering my very first fitness contest. Bikini category. I have 6 weeks left and my body suddenly stop responding. I need to start shedding fat Any suggestions in terms of diet or exercise? I’m on 130 gm of protein. 130 of carbs and 30 of fat. Any input is appreciated!

Jen’s A: Congrats, how exciting! Have you been working with a trainer or coach?  If so, they should be the one to guide you on diet tweaks as there are soooo many variables that come into play.  No quick answer without someone knowing what you have been doing and how your body reacts etc.  But in general, I would tell you that fat loves stress, so the worst thing you can do is get upset over a plateau.  Keep switching things up,. butdefinitely talk to your trainer for specifics that are consistent with the program/philosophy you have been following so far. Feel good about what you are accomplishing, give yourself grace to take a few wrong turns because that’s where we find the greatest lessons sometimes!

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Friday Fan Feature-Meet Craig


Tell us what totally awesome thing you just did.

Started out at 205 lbs, lost 55 lbs and have gained over 20 lbs of muscle.

What made you do this?

Wasn’t feeling well. Went to the doctor and my vitals were showing it, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, etc.  And all this at age 35. Decided that I needed to make a “life change” and started my journey.

What is one thing you would have done differently?

Not let my weight get to 205, I had lost weight a few years ago and then with the death of my father (excuse), the lbs starting coming back.

What is one of the best things that has come out of this for you personally?

I am in the best shape that I have probably ever have been. Also, feel better than I have in the last 15 years.

What next, and how can I help?

I am in maintain mode and would love for you to share my story with others!

Additional Thoughts:

I am a perfect example that if you put your mind to something, anything is possible.

Keys to my success:

Block out time during the day to go to gym which I didn’t […]

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A Super Bowl Turning Point

2-1 superbowl

I have a very special place in my heart for the Super Bowl.  Every year it’s an anniversary of a very important day in my life. As the Steelers and Cardinals were preparing to battle it out at Super Bowl XLIII, I was venturing out for the first time after a period of serious depression and self-doubt.  A friend of mine convinced me to join her at a friend’s annual Super Bowl party. Going out was the last thing I felt like after weeks of crying and still having no idea what my next move was going to be in life. I am so glad I did, because that night ended up being a turning point for me; I realized there is always something more and different, if not better, out there than what we know up to that point. We just have to “show up” and be open to different situations and experiences.

Two very important things I remember from that night. First, I felt so self-conscious, thinking everyone could see the pain and hurt in my eyes. But I didn’t know anyone at this party except the friend […]

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Meet The Creators of FrogFuel

Meet Alexander Kunz and Jeff Beyers, two ex-Navy Seals and creators of FrogFuel. Alex and Jeff met in 1997 in San Diego while stationed at SEAL Team-1. They became quick friends and have since operated together worldwide on various missions for various organizations. I had the fortune of meeting them at the Natural Olympia, and really loved this quick and easy protein shot – it’s a great alternative when I can’t find my protein shaker! And it’s perfect for running, mid-workout boost, and even a “survival snack” in between marathon meetings at work. These guys have such a cool story, I just had to share!

What is Frog Fuel? FrogFuel is a hydrolyzed collagen protein that is enhanced and fortified with amino acids to make a complete protein. Our product was developed with efficacy and whole body performance in mind. The efficacy is how quickly we can get the protein to the muscle (almost 100% with the first 15 minutes) and whole body performance because of collagens support in joint lubrication, rapid tendon and muscle regeneration, etc.

Collagen is the second most abundant substance in the human body […]

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Shining The Spotlight On SoapBox Soaps

SoapBox Soaps

I love helping young entrepreneurs get healthy in their body, mind and business. After mentoring David on biz strategies, I couldn’t help but fall in love with his product (they smell DIVINE!) and how he has found a way to truly make a difference in the world. One clean water source and bath at a time. Great example of how our individual efforts DO make a difference!

Isn’t this just another brand of soap?

Not really. SoapBox’s mission is to empower customers with the ability to make the world a better place through ever day, quality purchases. We started with donating a bar soap every time someone bought a SoapBox bar because something a simple as soap can really make a world of difference. More than 3,000 children’s (under the age of 5) lives could be saved every day through something as simple washing your hands with clean water and soap. Now we have all-natural liquid hand soap that donates a month of clean water development through our charity partner, RainCatcher, for every bottle purchased. We also have all-natural body wash that donates a year of vitamin supplements to children […]

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Craving Phoenix

I recently met Janine Hill and Monette Coloma, the founders of Craving Phoenix, and loved their passion for tying the social and healthy aspects of food together. To support their mission, I provided a homemade pizza lesson at one of their recent events – what a fun group!

Craving Phoenix - Jen Arricale

What is Craving Phoenix? A meet up group and website focused on bringing people together to enjoy cooking, fine wine, and socializing.

What makes it different from the other foodie groups? Craving Phoenix seeks to highlight where locally produced products can be incorporated in everyday cooking. The social meetings include dining out adventures, tours of local farms, cooking classes, and other events with culinary themes to inspire people to connect, support our local community, and share on many different levels.

Jen Arricale Pizza Cooking ClassTell us about one of your recent events.Celebrity Fitness chef Jen Arricale performed a healthy pizza cooking class! It was interactive, fun, delicious and so informative. I was very impressed with Jen’s energy and ability to interact so well with the group. She is extremely knowledgeable […]

David Haith: What started as a way to get in shape became a passion for life

Any competition takes lots of dedication and resources – namely time and money. And natural bodybuilding is no different. But you don’t need to spend as much as you think. Meet David Haith who I see training hard every day with strong, experienced old timers to get every bit of advice and guidance he can. Here’s how he won his first competition and did it all on his own:

David Haith Natural BodybuilderMy passion for health and fitness has really taken off in the past year. Weight lifting has always been one of my hobbies but at the beginning of this year I decided to take it to the next level and compete in my first natural show, the Natural Heartland Classic. Prior to committing to this competition I had no experience with contest preparation; I spent hours reading articles and watching videos on YouTube about posing, contest prep nutrition, and weight lifting splits. What started as a reason to get in stellar shape ended up guiding me to my passion in life. After coaching myself through the contest prep I ended up winning the Novice short division, the […]

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The Netzky Meat Alternative: Meet Jonathan Netzky

Jonathan NetzkyNot only is it fun to say, but a Netzky is delicious, portable, super nutritious and CLEAN (read: no high sodium like those popular veggie burgers) food that just so happens to be created by a real person just like you and I. A person with a healthy dream that he is putting his everything into. Meet Jonathan and read about his journey with his BFF the Netzky…

1. What is a Netzky?
The Netzky is a unique Meat-less Superfood. More descriptively, it is a hand-made, Tepary Bean-based, Whole Food, Vegetarian, High-Quality Meat Alternative. It is All-Natural, Rich in Complete Protein & Fiber and Dense in Diverse Nutrients. The product has a Low Glycemic index and Zero Cholesterol. The product is Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, Meat & Fish Free. It is, however, packed with lively Southwestern Flavor and has its own Succulent Meaty Texture.

The Netzky product originated when Local Alternative was charged to create a specialty veggie burger for a Local Food focused, range-fed, beef burger restaurant. There were no locally sourced vegetarian options for this restaurant to offer its consumers. The challenge was […]

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Gem Runner Apparel – Tiffany Nei

Gem Runner ApparelJen Arricale loves supporting her friends in their ambitions, especially ones that are created from their own athletic or health experiences.

Meet Tiffany Nei, who trains hard but always likes to look and feel good. So she took the clothing piece into her own hands, check out her story of starting Gem Runner Apparel!

Why we started Gem Runner Apparel? My partner Debbie Spaulding and I came up with a concept of designing a workout clothing line that not only could be worn as active wear but also be worn for other occasions. We thought what a cool concept to be able to have a piece of clothing that serves dual purposes and we felt like the market was lacking a product of this nature. That’s when we decided we needed to make it happen!

Our tag line for our company is, “From day time run to night time fun Gem Runner Apparel.” It truly lives up to this. As a marathon runner I wanted something functional, comfortable, and fashionable. My partner and I put it to the test and created a line that fits all of our requirements and serves […]

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