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Real Food for Real Results

Real food for Real results

Eat real food for real results. This applies to whatever your goals are, no matter where you are in your journey: health, weight loss, muscle gain, competition prep, drug-free energy, better sleep, or general all-around well-being.

I teach how to prepare and enjoy healthy food to people who don’t even think they care about being healthy – because it just tastes better when it’s real food! The proof is in what people are saying after they’ve eaten clean for a couple weeks or so. The best part is they then want to learn more, and they want to share it with all their friends and family. I love being able to provide free information that is not biased towards any one goal to anyone who wants to learn how to eat and live more healthfully but in a “normal” life. Please share my website and Facebook with those you care about, and thank YOU for sharing your questions and challenges with me.

Vickie Francovich-Promoter, The Legacy Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship, Reno NV

Jen Arricale’s presentation is the most valuable information I have ever heard with regard to how to successfully decompress after a fitness competition.

Her delivery is transparent because as a pro competitor herself she is well aware of the highs and lows one faces when transitioning into normalcy while trying to maintain all the physical gains.

I particularly benefited from the “do list” and the “don’t list” she shared and am ready to compete again knowing that I now have the tools to remain steadfast on the journey to fitness and wellness.

Vickie Francovich-Promoter, The Legacy Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship, Reno NV

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Scott Carrico-Lutz Company

I have been lucky enough to work with Jen both on my own nutrition on a personal level and have her come and speak to our employees at Lutz.  She was AWESOME at both.  On a personal level she gave some tips and pointers to help me see and feel amazing results.  I have been attempting to eat cleaner for over a year now.  I have read numerous books and searched on the internet for hours, but still had tons of questions.  Jen was able to answer them all.  Now I have a specific game plan and know exactly what and when to eat and more importantly for me why.  Jen also came and did a lunch and learn for our company.  We tend to work long hours during tax season and can develop some very unhealthy habits.  Jen has opened our eyes on little tricks that can help a lot.  She is a great speaker and kept it very fun and exciting.  I HIGHLY recommend her for anyone who wants to make their workplace a healthier and happier place.  The best thing about JEN is she is realistic and down […]

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Jordan Jobe and Kenady Sorenson

jordan&kenJen helped me stop making the silly and simple mistakes in my diet and allowed me to get to the next level and hit my fitness goals. I appreciated having a professional explain healthy alternatives to what I was already doing. The recommendations she gave me were not major lifestyle changes; instead it was an education of how to be healthier and look better without having to do any extreme dieting. In all of her recommendations she always kept in mind mental health also. I really appreciate all of the help and direction she gave me and I would recommend her services to anyone who wants to feel and look better. – Jordan Jobe

Jen has the incredible ability to adapt and customize healthy choices to your personal lifestyle. Jordan and I considered ourselves fairly healthy eaters but we were consistently baffled and confused by the myriad of ways one can eat “clean / organic / healthy”. So, we just stuck it out – attempting to add variety into our diet while still eating and cooking the things we enjoy and know. As we were preparing for a big […]

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Healthy Lunch N’ Learns

Healthy Lunch N' LearnWe have been so fortunate to have Jen Arricale, Celebrity Fitness Chef, speak at two recent lunch and learns at Complete Nutrition’s home office. As we are in the health and fitness industry you would think we would all know it all, but like the majority of adults in the U.S., many of us in the home office face the same challenges that everyone else does regarding healthy eating and living.

We have expert consultants in our stores and premium products to help us achieve our goals, but not all in the office are as well versed as our store consultants. Jen provides the perfect medium. She’s been great at providing tips and ideas to help us plan and prepare for real life situations and provides easy to implement solutions. Best of all, she’s been there as she’s personally lived it — she knows the daily challenges and shares how she herself overcomes them. She’s easy to relate to and provides the motivation to step it up. I would highly recommend Jen Arricale as an expert spokesperson to address your employees in […]

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Jen Arricale Hello Beautiful Interview

I’m a contributor to the most recent issue of Hello Beautiful Magazine!

Here is my interview:

Jen Arricale Hello Beautiful InterviewAbout Hello Beautiful Magazine
We are a revolutionary new live, digital magazine found in the Apple’s Newsstand in the app store for your iPad. Hello Beautiful is the hub of inspiration you need on your journey to self-love. It is filled with raw stories, real advice, and divine truths… from YOU.

It is our mission to help move YOU into real beauty. Because it is there that is a gateway to your truth, your light, and your amazing, miracle-filled life.

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Jes aka Chronic Climber Chick

Taking on a mammoth task like doing rim to rim in the Grand Canyon requires a major amount of prep. One of the most important preparations is the fuel you choose, it can make or break you.

Celebrity Fitness Chef Jen Arricale with her experience in the canyon and solid knowledge of my dietary restrictions made me a personal recipe for a Paleo Power Meatloaf along with Sweet Potato Fingers that restored, revitalized and allowed me to make a remarkable time, a PR out of the canyon on the Bright Angel Trail. 9.6 miles and 4300 feet climbed in 2;10 minutes. Fueled by a extremely tasty lunch that I would eat on or off the trail any day.

I made an entire pan of it and ate it the day leading up to the hike. Traveling to a destination for a task of this magnitude can get tricky when you need to be certain you are getting your minerals, vitamins, carbs and fats in the right proportion. This assured me I was set up for some serious success before and during my trek, not to mention the gourmet meal we got to eat while […]

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Megan B – Training For A Half IRONMAN

Megan is training for a Half Ironman, and knew she probably needed to eat more to support her training but was afraid more food would mean unwanted weight gain. Megan loved getting a personal response in my video mailbag and loved it even more when she learn that she was actually working against her body, and the #1 way to reverse the trend was….to eat more!

“Jen – I have to tell you your video response to my question was such a reality check for me!!!! I’ve been severely lacking in my nutrition intake in an effort to not gain weight and retain my old “fitter” body composition and didn’t even realize I was in “survival mode” as you called it! Words can’t say how THANKFUL I am for your information and help!! I’m now writing out a plan (and doing some cooking prep) that will incorporate good complex carbs pre-workout and I’m going to use your Popeye Power Shake and other clean food ideas for post-workouts. Honestly, I was not practicing what I preach to others and am so glad for your advice as my body composition was, in fact, gaining body fat! […]

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Charlie Kimberly, IRONMAN

I often proclaim it’s never too late, or too big. Well here is a great story about Charlie Kimberly who never thought he could do something so big, until he set his mind to it!

“I completed my first sprint triathlon just after college, 3 years ago. Since then just knowing about Ironman had triggered my imagination as to what was possible. My main source of motivation came every morning knowing that others in training were already on their bikes and treadmills! The whole journey to the Ironman finish line has been incredible, the one thing that I’ll take with me is the discipline needed to succeed at anything big in life. The time and commitment put into an Ironman is nearly crazy, but the reward is over the top!

I love reading your dieting tips and recipes, Jen, it seems really cool! I’ll be trying them out this spring as I try to get back to a regular diet.”

Charlie Kimberly, IRONMAN

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Birthday Mountains

#2 Squaw PeakFor my birthday in 2010, I decided I would commemorate the occasion by achieving a goal. I wanted a physical challenge to celebrate my life, my body and my athleticism, so the goal I set for myself was to climb four mountains that day.

I wanted to use to capacity of this machine that God gave me and that I cared for and built, and I thought to myself, “How do I know I am doing that if I don’t try something I haven’t tried before?”

I love to hike, but I hate the fact that I can’t just go on a long hike out in the wilderness alone – that’s just not the smartest or safest thing to do. So I picked four mountains in Phoenix, and climbed them in one day, for my birthday: Camelback, Squaw Peak, Black Mountain and Pinnacle Peak, in that order.

I climbed Camelback first because I wanted to see sunrise from there. Also because it is furthest from my house, and I would work my way back to my house. It was the perfect order for another reason, too: Camelback was the mountain I’d done least, […]

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