All You Need to Know About Clean Eating

If you are like many, you want to “eat clean” but may not think it’s practical in your budget and/or lifestyle.  Or you may get discouraged by all the complex and confusing terms out there like “clean”, “natural”, “GMO”, “organic”, “processed” just to name a few.  Here’s a few tips to master the basics and do the best with what you have to work with


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All You Need to Know About Clean Eating

  1. Eating clean is subjective. There are many definitions and degrees, but most involve a diet consisting of whole foods prepared in healthful ways with minimal artificial ingredients.  The literal definition requires one to hunt and gather all their food, think caveman.  A more practical definition for someone who doesn’t live on a farm is to eat and make things from scratch most of time and other times to choose items that have only ingredients you understand and can buy in the store yourself.
  2. Clean can come from a box. It is possible to eat clean even with pre-packaged foods – but diligence is critical in reading and understanding the label.  […]
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Waste Busters for Veggies that Have Seen Better Days

waste busters

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Getting the most out of your fresh veggies

Getting the most out of your fresh veggies infographic

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Team Tuesday: Bikini, Bodybuilding & In Between – A Beach-ready body

Team Tuesday Q A Bodybuilding, Bikine and In BetweenQ: How can I get a beach-ready body? Can’t I just do what competitors do during “Peak Week” to shred down?

Jen’s A: Not exactly, but there are techniques the pro’s use that can work for anyone…

7 Tips to Scoring Your Best Beach Body

Are you looking for some help to look your best for the next pool party, but not sure who to believe or what really works? While there are no quick fixes, secret tricks or magic pills (although many would like you to believe there are), there is a way to look your best when you are wearing your least no matter how much time you have until that revealing day. The longer you have, the greater the results. And the best part is: it cost next to nothing, other than a commitment to yourself.

Now some of you might be wondering, “But I know some bodybuilders that do all sorts of crazy stuff for a few days to look totally shredded on stage – can’t I just do that plan before my beach vacation?” Two key words: “bodybuilders” and “stage”. “Bodybuilders” (and […]

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Team Tuesday Q & A Bodybuilding, Bikini and In Between


Q: I am entering my very first fitness contest. Bikini category. I have 6 weeks left and my body suddenly stop responding. I need to start shedding fat Any suggestions in terms of diet or exercise? I’m on 130 gm of protein. 130 of carbs and 30 of fat. Any input is appreciated!

Jen’s A: Congrats, how exciting! Have you been working with a trainer or coach?  If so, they should be the one to guide you on diet tweaks as there are soooo many variables that come into play.  No quick answer without someone knowing what you have been doing and how your body reacts etc.  But in general, I would tell you that fat loves stress, so the worst thing you can do is get upset over a plateau.  Keep switching things up,. butdefinitely talk to your trainer for specifics that are consistent with the program/philosophy you have been following so far. Feel good about what you are accomplishing, give yourself grace to take a few wrong turns because that’s where we find the greatest lessons sometimes!

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Jen’s Healthy Frozen Desserts as seen on Arizona Midday

Watch my latest appearance on AZ Midday where I shared my cool and healthy dessert recipes.

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Red List Green List for Summer Cocktails

While we can’t really call any version of an alcoholic drink “healthy”, there are many ways to make a drink “less bad” from a calorie and fat perspective.  Whatever you choose be sure to drink a full glass of water before each cocktail.  Your body and health will thank you.



Here are a few example of drinks that are typically use ingredients from the Green List:

Skinny Margarita, Skinny Cosmo, Tom Collins Light, White Wine Spritzer, Vodka Soda Water with Lime

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Healthy and Easy Snacks for Healthy Kids on the Go – Fun Finger Food!

Some of my favorite snack suggestions that kids will love AND mom’s will love equally – easy, healthy and no refrigeration (other than cooler bag) or utensils needed.

Healthy Snacks for Kids

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Healthy Traveler’s Carry On


Travel can be very unpredictable, but your healthy eating needn’t be. Even if your airport travel is only supposed to be an hour or two, bring enough healthy food to sustain you for a full day – it’s easier than you think. Delays happen, and even though airport offerings are getting better, the not-so-healthy alternatives still far outweigh the healthy ones. Checkout what’s in my carry-on so I can fuel to rule the day!

Even though this trip should only take 3 to 4 hours, if things get off schedule I will still have plenty of key components for my diet. On this trip I am bringing:

Reusable water bottle and herbal teas to transform ordinary tap water to delicious

Variety of clean, cooked, ready to eat protein: egg whites, turkey burger, chicken breast

Handful of almonds and walnuts

Precut raw veggies for fiber to eat with proteins

My p.m. supplements, such as fish oil, BCAA and glutamine

Emergency protein powder, V-Core by Complete Nutrition

Emergency protein shot in case I don’t have access to water, from my buddies at Frog Fuel


I may only use a fraction of this, but if things get delayed and I’m stuck for hours I […]

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How to Slash Fat Intake

This is a great example of how point is to truly know what you were eating. In part two of my small changes make big differences series, check out how easy it is to slash a huge amount of fat(and we’re talking the bad kind of fat )in one day just based on the healthy food choices you make. Even more amazing, is the red menu appears to be somewhat healthy at first glance. Eat real food and it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

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