Healthy Business, Healthy Life™

A highly engaging and participatory customized experience for forum and executive retreats, this session blends the topics of strategic planning and effective leadership with how to stimulate and support success through food and fitness. This program can be customized to meet the needs of the group, and can range from a high-level 1-day to a 2-day deep dive workshop.

Strategic Planning:

This topic is usually distasteful to entrepreneurs and leaders because it requires a lot of time an energy and provides very little lasting benefit to the organization. This is due to the fact that it is usually done incorrectly…with a theoretical focus that lacks clarity on specific actions and accountabilities. We have a proven methodology for conducting this process that results in a simple, powerful, and effective roadmap that the leadership team can use to make their business more successful. For company retreats, we will provide the team with critical pre-work exercises, planning session workbooks, and templates to implement the outcomes of the session. Everyone will leave with a clear understanding of how to effectively drive execution and follow-through on the most critical priorities of the company.

For forum retreats with mixed and multiple companies in attendance, we will lead the team through our process and provide them with workbooks and materials that we use during actual engagements with our client companies. Everyone will leave with a clear understanding of how to conduct an EFFECTIVE planning process that can be successfully executed within their own organization.

Leadership Best Practices:

The ability to “bring the best out of our people” is one of the most vital skills a business owner or leader can possess. But this skill is usually acquired solely through whatever life experience the individual has had in their own career to date, and many successful entrepreneurs haven’t worked in a wide variety of companies and industries prior to launching their own businesses. This can lead to a reliance on the latest and greatest best-selling business books, but as solid as these concepts may be, applying them effectively in your own business can be extremely difficult.

As a lifelong CEO, I have developed some very simple and unique tools and techniques that have proven to be highly effective when taught to others. I will take the group through a few of these best practices that will help you to achieve better results in your businesses. This will be a very interactive session so participants will understand exactly how to apply the concepts in their specific environments.

Fuel Your Success with Food and Fitness:

Busy leaders and entrepreneurs often neglect the very thing that supports their success: Their own health and wellness. This segment will show how easy (and enjoyable) it can be to do the right thing for yourself, and by doing so, experience the rewards of your efforts in both business and life.


About Jen Arricale

Jen understands the obstacles and time pressures that can stand in the way of being your best. As a healthy living expert, Jen’s foundation for success focuses on food and fitness. As a 20-year executive in corporate America Jen offers SIMPLE, REAL SOLUTIONS that apply to many aspects of the busy person’s life.

Co-presented with international CEO coach, Sheldon Harris (read about Sheldon here)

What are people saying?

“An outstanding planning session. Sheldon and Jen spoke with enthusiasm and passion about their real world success in business and life. They imparted a number of simple key strategies, thoughts and rules that will greatly improve our corporate, physical and mental health. I would recommend them to any organization that wants to improve.”
David Beck, President, W.M. Beck Insurance Services

“Excellent combination of mixing business skills and health. Great way to get company leaders (even geographically and business line diverse) on the same path, while actually creating that path during the session. Awesome course and re-energizing event!”
Rick Ewles, VP, W.M. Beck Insurance Services

“I’ve been to other planning sessions that are longer, more drawn out and/or where the ‘dominators’ back at the office retain their control. Sheldon’s process allows all stakeholders to contribute, fosters discussion and resolves differences. In roughly 1 ½ days we walked out with 5 core corporate objectives and 5 supporting objectives and plans for each department.
Paired with the Healthy Living tips, meals and exercises, we were more alert and engaged during the sessions. I am highly confident we are much better positioned to accomplish our goals than we ever have been before.”
Patrick Miller, CEO/President, CBC Federal Credit Union

“I loved the ‘total person’ focus of the program. Sheldon and Jen expertly mixed professional and personal lifestyle management techniques into a manageable and achievable program.”
Frank Wasson, COO, CBC Federal Credit Union

“Great process focused on defining key deliverables and key initiatives to hit key deliverables. Excellent discussion about healthy eating – informative and interesting, very actionable. “
Paul Zmigrosky, Vice Chairman, Roskam Bakery and Food Technology dba Rothbury Farms

“Sheldon and Jen bring a fantastic set of complementary skills and experience that leaders need. One of the most common demands from our staff is a “balanced life.” The business and fitness/health skills of Sheldon and Jen are immediately and perfectly suited to helping me lead my organization and my own life.”
Kevin McCort, CEO, Vancouver Foundation

“Sheldon and Jen did a great job of providing an amazing physical and mental experience during our YPO retreat. Their collaborative approach and easily-understandable takeaways are just the type of gems you look for in these events!”
Matt Houghton, CEO, GroupHEALTH Benefit Solutions